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We Are Seeking A $6.5 Million Debt Investment

This capital will allow us to capitalize our existing branches, expand across Uganda, and build 4 new marketplaces by the end of 2023.

Loan Terms


Muvule Microloans

Our Core Product

We have one loan product that has been refined to best serve our ideal customer. In Uganda the market size for our ideal customer is $310 million and expected to be $440 million by 2030.

Loan Term

Our average loan size is $150 and is paid back weekly for 16 weeks; at 20% flat interest rate

Loan Purpose

We only fund the purchase of income generating assets such as working capital for inventory and storefront development.

Ideal Customer

90% of our customers are female market vendors. The most common product they sell is food

Credit Worthiness

We generate a credit score based on: character, capital, cashflow, collateral, and market conditions.


Financial Technology

Our Strategic Advantage

We have an in-house R&D department that is developing fintech to solve our biggest industry challenges: risk management, operation costs, and fundraising.

Advanced Insights w/ AI

we are developing AI technology to help us gather advanced insights into customer creditworthiness

5x Operational Efficiency

Our in house solution allows our credit officers to serve 5x more customers without increasing overhead costs

Real Time Transparency

Soon our portfolio management software will be integrated into our websiteto provide real time transparency of our portfolio

Crowdfunding Platform

In addition to our website integration, people will be able to fund loans directly through our website similar to kiva platform


Risks In Our Business

Evaluating the risks of the microfinance industry is difficult because it’s not correlated to the overall success of a country. Microfinance clients are people in poverty who can’t find jobs and resort to entrepreneurship by survival. This means that microfinance does not depend on typical macroeconomic considerations such as GDP growth, employment, and a strong democracy.

Nonetheless, investing in microloans in Uganda is a high risk investment due to the nature of our clientele and unsecured lending model. Below, we plan to illuminate the key risks that we perceive and how we handle them.

We Believe The Biggest Risks In Our Business Are:



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