We have a mission of being the #1 provider of microloansin subsaharan…


We are looking at empowering women to achieve financial independence…


We want to enable economic and social transformation in poor communities…


We do whatever it takes (Dedicated), We value Complete transparency…










Our Approach To Tackling Poverty

The cycle of poverty exists because it’s difficult for the poor to save and invest in their future. Yet the world’s poorest people are the most resourceful entrepreneurs on the planet and they live in communities with plenty of untapped opportunity. A small loan can completely change their lives.

Our loans give these entrepreneurs the opportunity to start or grow a business and work their way out of poverty. By combining microloans with real estate, we are able to further assist our borrowers by building them storefronts while adding security to our investors, which opens new, cheaper lines of credit for us so that we can give more loans at a lower interest rate. By building advanced in-house software, we have a unique strategic advantage that allows us to reduce overhead costs, operational complexity, and better assess borrower risk, so that we are able to scale rapidly and serve more people with cheaper loans and less defaults.


Our Specialisations

Micro Loans

Changing lives and creating jobs with as little as $25.

Microloans break the cycle of poverty by helping people invest in income-generating assets that they would otherwise never be able to afford. Small loans as little as $25 can completely change someone’s life forever.

Real Estate

Building storefronts for street vendors while lowering our cost of capital.

Helping street vendors transition into formal marketplaces allows them to grow their income more than they could with microloans alone. It also opens up new cheaper lines of credit for the business, which allows us to lower the interest rate on our loans.


AI & advanced insights help mitigate risk and improve operations

By developing our own in-house financial technology, we’re able to help ease cash economies into the transition to digital payments, which allows us to serve more clients using our “high touch, high tech” approach to customer service.


How It's Going


Our Core Product

Muvule Microloans

We have a single product that we have refined to best serve our ideal customer profile. In Uganda, the market size for our ideal customer is $310 million and is expected to be $440 million by 2030.


Market Places

The Path to Middle Class

The Borrowers

Microloans can help someone who makes $2/day grow their business to $15 or $20/day, but if they are still selling on the street, they hit an income ceiling. By moving people into formal storefronts, they can make $40 or $50/day, putting them solidly in the middle class.

The Business

By finding ways to further serve our ideal customer, we are able to retain customers over the long-term, making it possible to serve previously excluded clientele with higher customer acquisition costs.

The Investors

Owning real assets adds security to our investors, which opens new lines of credit for us at cheaper interest rates.


Our Strategic Advantage

Financial Technology

Our in-house R&D department was formed to evolve our existing customer portfolio management system into software the uses AI to discover new customer insights, mitigate risk, and automate operations and administration. Our software has allowed us to achieve excellence in the two biggest industry challenges: risk and operations management.